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FECHA 2007
AUTOR(A) Vv.aa.
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ISBN 9789889822866
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Victionary Challenging yet familiar serious yet amusing [art]ifact presents a conglomeration of cool intelligent playful ironic and unprecedented designs each with an extraordinary angle idea or story that will tickle your brain and touch your heart. [art]ifact is divided into three sections: observe fun and interaction. aiming to get readers to look beyond form and functionality. objects with details that are often overlooked are selected for the observe section. for something to make it into the fun section it needs to be something that is hilarious something that adds to our daily lives by adding colors and amusement. And lastly ideas that add an interactive value to an object enable interaction wtih users and help people more efficiently communicate between themselves are placed into the interactive section. this book is a source of inspiration and stimulation for product designers industrial designers and anyone with a creative streak. Full color throughout hard cover with pvc and sandpaper jacket 312 pages

Teamwork and Innovation: Creativity and the Technical Mind ...
Once you've decided to develop a new product, you will need to begin thinking about your go-to-market strategy and how you will launch it. ... Keep in mind that the launch and product are separate efforts and therefore need their own measures. ... An X class might reflect products that are innovative and completely new to the market, ...
Mind the Product - Conferences, training, and content for ...
"You can't innovate from inside the ... Disruptive innovation is when new products or services start out at the bottom of the marketplace but end up eventually moving up and displacing their ...


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